Coalition Document Series

In May 2010 we reviewed the Coalition Document where the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government set out their programme. We went through each section of the document from a Labour perspective. All of those blog posts are collated below.

Coalition Document (1) Banking
Coalition Document (2) Business and Civil Liberties
Coalition Document (3) Communities and Consumer Protection
Coalition Document (4) Crime and Culture
Coalition Document (5) Defence and Deficit Reduction
Coalition Document (6) Energy, Climate Change and the Environment
Coalition Document (7) Equalities and Europe
Coalition Document (8) Families and Children and Foreign Affairs
Coalition Document (9) Government Transparency and Immigration
Coalition Document (10) International Development and Jobs
Coalition Document (11) Justice and National Security
Coalition Document (12) The NHS
Coalition Document (13) Pensions and Political Reform
Coalition Document (14) Public Health and Schools
Coalition Document (15) Social Action, Social Care and Taxation
Coalition Document (16) Transport and Universities



2 Responses to Coalition Document Series

  1. Who cares about Labour now ?. Spent our money – now a spent force !!

    • labourlive says:

      Well, considering we still have over 250 seats in the Commons, we don’t think that spent force is really accurate… we in a much stronger position than the Tories were in after the 1997 election for certain, and probably even after 2001 and 2005. So we would say that reading the last rites for our party is somewhat premature.

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